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Read this paragraph carefully and choose one correct answer for number 1- 4.


In recent years, "inquiry" has generated a great deal of discussion among social studies teachers. Professional journals in social studies education have dealt with the topic at great length. Few professional meetings have failed to feature a presentation or two on inquiry-oriented approaches. An increasing supply of materials for inquiry-based instructional programs has been made available by educational publishing houses.

All of this interest has resulted in the term inquiry's being used in a variety of ways. Indeed, some of the definition that have been suggested are mutually incompatible. For all of the confusion, some general threads of consensus do run through attempts to describe the term. There is broad agreement that inquiry-oriented instruction introduces content to student through an inductive process. Inductive learning proceeds from the specific to the general. For example, if the objectives were to teach the concept "automobiles", the teacher might provide students with photographs of automobiles, led them through a series of questions designed to help them identify features common to all of the photographs, and urge them to develop their own description of the concept "automobile" complete with all the necessary defining characteristics.

Inductive learning contrast with deductive learning, which proceeds from the general to the specific. For example, using a deductive approach to teach the concept "automobile", the teacher might begin by providing students with a complete definition of the term. Next understanding might be enriched by discussion focusing on photographs of automobiles. The aim of these discussions would be to highlight characteristics of the new concepts, "automobile".

(D.G. Amstrong 1980)

  1. The suitable title for this text is ....
          a.      How to Learn Social Studies
          b.      The Important Things in Social Studies
          c.      Inquiry and the Social Studies
          d.      How to Learn a Concept in Social Studies
          e.      The Deductive and Inductive Process

     2.  The word "confusion" in paragraph 2 (two) is ....

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