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Bored? Exhausted/ Tired? Leave the hustle and bustle of the big city for a while and head for the tranquil areas of South Bandung where you can relax breathe fresh air and enjoy a stunning view. Those who have been to South Bandung say that these refreshing place is a hidden pearl with thousands enchantments. One of tourist destination in South Bandung. is Kawah Putih . This crater located at 2.194 meters above sea level. It is the result of Mount Patuha eruptions in the 10th or 12th centuries. This place offers the natural beauty and the uniqueness of Kawah Putih lake. The uniqueness of this lake lies in the color of its water which changes frequently to white, apple green and brown. the other tourist destination is Walini. It is located in the Rancabali tea plantation about 1.5000 m above sea level with temperatures between 10 and 25 degree Celsius, this strategic place is always crowded on weekends, the main attractions of Walini are its hot water pool and tea plantation. Visitors can take a bath, walk in the tea plantation, or just have tea at the restaurants and food stalls while enjoying the atmosphere.
1.    What does the text tell us about?
    A.    Leaving for the big city
    B.    Two tourist destinations in South Bandung
    C.    Kawah Putih
    D.    Walini
2.    From the text above we know that both tourist destination in the text above is …
    A.    warm
    B.    dry
    C.    cool
    D.    arid
3.    “…while and head for the tranquil areas of South…” The underlined word means…
    A.    popular
    B.    crowded
    C.    peaceful
    D.    fresh

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